Allthingsonmybrain will be on vacation

Allthingsonmybrain will be taking a small break, starting tomorrow and returning on April 2nd.  Will be camping where the cell phone doesn’t work.  Need some time away from the yob and the city life.  Looking forward to coming back recharged and ready to rock on with more random stuff.

See y’all next week!


Ignorance is bliss?

I heard something here the other day, intelligent are often times hard pressed to be happy.

The more I thought about it… the more I had to agree.  It can be awfully frustrating trying to describe your thoughts or action to someone who just doesn’t get it.  When you don’t fully grasp what is happening on a larger scale, it is easier to not be bothered by what others are doing.  I would really like to slap the crap out of most of our elected officials.  I cannot believe what it is that they are doing to each and every one of us.  The freedoms that we all have, regardless of color, religion, creed, or persuasion.  Knowing that they are doing it, some out of spite, others out of ignorance, really ticks me off.

So yes, ignorance is/can be bliss.  I guess that is why so many look back on there childhood days with fondness.

Quick question

California Common or IPA
Today was one of those days where your mind really isn’t sure what the hell happened. So my topic is a simple one, and this post will be equally simple.
If you have had these two beer styles, which is your favorite? The CC is far from common, as the only commercial example I can think of off the top of my head is Anchor Steam. Whereas IPA’s are QUITE prevalent, especially here on the west coast.
Right now I am drinking one of my homebrewed IPAs. It has a slight mandarin mixed with tiny hint of bubble gum flavor.

For me, the IPA is the general go to beer, though I will always have a soft spot in my heart for a good California Common.


Customer service part 2

When someone does something right I feel that I need to mention it.

I had purchased an Excaliber dehydrator for my mom for Christmas.  After only a couple of uses, the fan motor died.  So I called them up today to discuss a replacement for the motor.  It isn’t a big motor or fan, but it is only three months old.  The cage that covers the fan and heating element in the back of the unit, had been pushed up against the fan blade, which prohibited it turning, and with the heating element surrounding the fan, cooked the little motor.  I can easily create a fix once I get the replacement motor.

The customer service rep who took my phone call was nice and professional.  I explained my situation, she said “no problem, send me a copy of the invoice, a brief description of the problem, and what will be required to fix it, and I will have the parts sent out to you right away”… wow… if you read yesterday’s rant about the poor service I received from AT&T, you will understand the breath of fresh air this was.

Once again, kudos to Excaliber!

Importance of customer service

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of going to a retail store and receiving terrible customer service?  Guess what happened to me today… grrrrrrr

So, my phone is over three years old and about ready to give up the fight.  I have an iPhone, so I head over to the AT&T store to get a new version.  (This is not part of my rant)  The salesman is helpful, greets me as I walk into the store.  He takes my information, then starts the process of getting my new phone.  After about 10 minutes, the salesman returns to inform me that his location does not have the phone I want in stock.  No big deal, he says that their sister store down the street has one in stock, he had spoken with the manager there.  Cool… I will shoot on down the street, get the paperwork started and get my new phone…

Yeah… right.  I walk into the other store.  There are three employees, one I assume is the manager.  All… well two of them are helping customers, the third… seems really intent on staring at the computer screen while one of the others helps a customer.  Not one of them bothers to acknowledge that someone just walked into their store.  I stand there and wait for almost 10 minutes… not even eye contact from any of the employees.  I have had a ruff day, I don’t want to stand here and be ignored.  Screw it… I’m out, I do not want to spend my money and give commission to these knuckleheads.

How difficult is it to say “sorry for the wait” or “we will be with you in just a minute” or… “hi”… SOMETHING…So this is what I get for working in customer service/retail for over 10 years…. the expectation that these people actually cared about their customers as much as I did and continue to.  In this day with people being laid off and or out of work… this is the best that AT&T could come up with?

The city and urban centers are really starting to grate on me.  It’s about time to start thinking about a stay-cation.  Or… as Aerosmith stated… a “Permanent Vacation”

Personal liberty

Today’s topic is something that I have become quite passionate about, over the past two order three years.  I have always known that personal liberty was important, but never really grasped what it was.  What is it?  Can we grab it?  Can it be given?  I believe it can be taken away, though it is not something like a wine, that can be poured or consumed.  I believe that the United States Constitution is the one document, written by man, that comes closest to separating and nailing down what and who can have personal liberty.  No other governing document has given each human the level of control over their own lives.

What is personal liberty?  It is the freedom for me to do as I see fit.  Simple acts, such as planting a flower bed, painting a house, carrying a loaded firearm on my person, or growing my own produce.  Not having the city, county, state or federal government tell me that I can’t do something because someone, somewhere, could not act like an adult and has “justified” the taking away of my liberty.  It has been said that you have the right to swing your fists as hard and as wildly as you like.  You can make yourself dizzy swinging around and around.  Where that right ends is when your fist makes contact with my nose.

This idea of personal liberty is not a new one.  It was been around since the beginning of mankind.  Though it is as old as humans, it has not always been available to all (and yes, I do believe that there is a line that must be drawn in the sand, but we will leave that discussion for another day) As is stated in the Constitution, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain inalienable rights, that they are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Humans are not perfect and can “take back” laws and ideas.  What i given to us and humans, not just a citizens of the United States, cannot be taken away.  Unfortunately, there i only one governing document on this planet that actually states this, and allows it.

What is it that compels a person to insist that what another does must be done a certain way, or not done at all?  Why is it ok for you to determine what is right, while I do not have the ability to determine that for myself?

One of the greatest features of personal liberty, is that it is not given, it “should” not be taken away.  I say “should” because it is the truth.  Liberty is personal, it is not given by any human or group of humans. It is “God given”.  Whether your God is the father of Jesus Christ, Allah, or many gods, personal liberty comes from somewhere other then this earth.

The one caveat is that this liberty and freedom comes with a cost.  We must always fight for it.  We must always remember where our responsibilities are.  Once we start forgetting that our freedoms are dependent on us recognizing them, they start to fade and will be taken away.  Recognize your freedoms, hold onto them, and do not ever let go.

We all have it, we just all need to realize it… I will leave you with a quote from Ronald Regan, “freedom is never more then one generation away from extinction.”

“What’s more important then survival?”

A friend of mine posted a thread on The Survival Podcast forum; with the title above “What’s more important then survival?”

This post really got me thinking… what exactly is it that I would do to break the number one rule of survival, “Wake up tomorrow breathing”

The story of Dainty is an interesting one.  You see, she has a physical condition that sometimes prevents her from being able to get up, or to even feed herself.  So when I read this thread, it really had something being it.  To tell the truth I do not know a whole more about her, other then that we share a similar mind set.  One of the great things about good people… they tend to attract other good people.  Thanks for the inspiration Dainty!

So, back to the question.  What is it that you would do that is more important then survival?  As is stated in the thread, there are several scenarios, many of which we don’t think about for fear of the topic or because thinking about ones own mortality is… unnatural.  If all of you family were to die, would you be able to “carry on”.  If you were in a situation where no food was available, would you resort to cannibalism or would you rather die of starvation?  If it meant that your family would be able to live, would you stand in the way of certain death (roving hoard of zombies) so that your they might have a chance to get away.  There are also many variables to consider with each example above.

If it wasn’t you “family” that was in danger, if it was your neighbor, or a just a friend, what then.  How much value do you put on your own life versus another’s?

In truth, I really do not know what I would do to break the number one rule of survival.  I tend to over analyze things.  Let’s just use the “face certain death to provide a safe escape for your family”  Once the situation passes, you are no longer among the living… how is your family going to do without your help, love, support?  Will they then be faced with one of the other scenarios?

I think the ultimate goal here is to contemplate all possible scenarios, so that when a situation arises you can act and won’t have to stop to think about what you will need to do.  Hopefully, you will just react and then the decision on who will survival won’t have to be made… you all can.