(Canned) Food, it’s what’s for dinner

I listened to a podcast today by Jack Spirko, The Survival Podcast episode 626.

Jack really got me thinking, as he usually does, about how much food I really don’t have, in case the local market is inaccessible or worse, is out of food.  I mean, come on, I live in Southern California… major earthquakes are a definite possibility, we are waaay past due for “The Big One”.  So, if that happens and the trucks can’t get in to resupply the market, it could be a week or longer before aid can get through.  Do I have enough for myself and my loved ones if this should happen?  Do I have enough to share with my neighbors if it happens?  Do I even want to share with my neighbors?  These are all solid questions that we need to ask ourselves.

If you are like me, you cook the majority of your food from fresh ingredients. Something I am tasking myself to do is start cooking with non fresh ingredients; mixed veggies, tomatoes, pasta sauces, etc.  As well as expand my possibilities.  Do the one or two cook book I have cover the ingredients available to me?  Can I ad lib and make due without something.  All of this can go a long way to help someone who is freaked out about the situation to relax a little and think clearly.

Working these ideas into my everyday practice of getting dinner ready will bring me one step closer to making a possible large issue, into something that is manageable.  Oops… the ground beef is done, the pasta sauce needs to go on


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