How well do you know your appliances?

This morning when I got out of bed, my sweetie asked me to turn on the heater.  So, I sleepily stumble to the thermostat, flip it to heat and move the temp up.  From here I start getting my things together for my ride into work.  I walk into the bedroom and I hear “aren’t you going to turn on the heater?”… uuu… I did… Ahhh crap.  Do a quick check to see if the thermostat has power, yup… it does, that’s not the problem.  Walk outside to check to see if the door to the heater has come off (it has a sensor that will cut power if the door is open… yes I did say outside, my heater is outside of the house)  The door is seated and in the correct location.  Look at my clock… five minutes past the time I need to be on the road… crap… gotta run, will look at it when I get home.  Get home from work, get changed and walk back outside to have a look at the heater… I thinks to myself… is the pilot gas or electric?  It looks to be gas, but no flame. Quick review of directions, it is gas… the pilot is out.  I figure it was blown out a couple of days prior, as we had a pretty good bit of strong wind.  Light the pilot, heater turns on, and another catastrophe is averted (cold girlfriends in the morning can be a serious problem)

I guess the moral of the story, familiarize yourself with the stuff in your house.  Make a note of all the appliances that use gas, electricity, or… other.  Know where the shut offs are.  If something really bad happens, it could be the difference in whether you are spending the night in a shelter or in your home.


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