Critters digging in the raised beds

So mom calls me up, she says something had dug up the raised beds.  I thought… probably neighborhood cats, they like the soil… She says, “no, I think it was something looking for root crops to eat”.  HUH?!?! We don’t have moles… not in Southern California… and besides, moles wouldn’t dig into the beds, they would dig under them.

So, what could it be?  I figure it is either possums or raccoons.  From what mom has told me, they dug just about every foot, in every bed.  From my experiences with possums, I don’t think they are that organized.  My guess is that it was a local family of raccoons.  Raccoons tend to be a bit smarter… if not annoyingly intelligent. So I need to devise a plan to combat the critters from digging again, as the seed starters that are just about ready to be planted… are ready to be planted.

From Mel Batholomew’s “All New Square Foot Garden” one way to combat this kind of issue, is to build a type of frame and use chicken wire to form a “cap” or “tent” on the frame to sit on top of the raised be.  Thus shielding the bed from intrusion by unwanted critters.

The plan is to use 1 x 1/2 inch boards as the frame then stapling the chicken wire to that.  Using zip ties to “seal” the edges of the chicken wire on the corners and the top or cap to the sides.  I like this method as it creates something that isn’t too heavy, and mom should be able to lift it off of the beds to get to the soil itself.

For next week, I’ll see about posting pictures to share the progress.



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