It only takes a smile

Hey! week number two.  How was your weekend?  I had a fantastic weekend.  Spent some time with my brother, he was in town.  Did some work for mom, she needed some cages built for the raised beds, to keep the raccoons out.  Plus some horizontal blind that needed to be put up.  And, that should do it for what I did this weekend.

It only takes a smile…

It only takes a smile to brighten someones day.  You don’t even have to be facing the person.  You can be on the phone… I make my living on the phone.  You can tell that the person on the other end can sense a smile on your face.  And on the flip side, you can sense when your smile has become infectious and the person you are talking to starts smiling. I know there are all of the advertisements that state “it takes 30 muscles to frown and 10 to smile”… or something like that.  It is true, it is much easier to smile… physically.  For some people, maybe it is because business can be cut throat, smiling is a sign of weakness, unless it is that wicked smile of the Cheshire Cat.

One thing that is a little sad, in many of my business experiences, I am not taken seriously at first because I smile as much as I do.  Once it is established that I am serious and I really know my stuff, people can’t help but smile themselves, and then I am taken seriously.  But it does take that extra bit of work on my part to be taken seriously.

As Jack Spirko has said, you waste your opinion or your vote if you don’t sharing it honestly.  Vote your values, your morals… your opinions need to be your own.  I think that more people need to smile, If we all were to do it, we all would be in a better place.  A smile can open doors that were locked, it can open your own heart, it can find you love.

So, make someones day.  Smile.  You could find a friend, or brighten up someone’s day that needs it.  You could save a life.


One thought on “It only takes a smile

  1. loosenut behindthewheel says:

    So very well said fellow, so very well said. Far too often we all take our blessings and accomplishments for granted. Be it good health, a good job, equity and value in one’s home and investments… just because its here today is no guarantee that it’ll be there tomorrow.

    Smile today… as you may lack the strength to do so tomorrow

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