Outdoor skills

I have always wanted to spend a least a day or two at one of the primitive outdoor classes.  I would like to know more about the flora and fauna that exists in Southern California.  Immerse myself in the history of man and the skills that kept him alive since the beginning.  Commune with nature, as some people describe it.

There is something innately right about being out of doors, out in “God’s country”.  Spending time with nature’s sounds, smells, and feelings.  I don’t think it is natural for us to be completely surrounded by concrete.  Putting a pack on your back, and heading off into the wilderness, it’s something you have to experience.  I think it gives one of the best opportunities for self reflection.  The only thing with you, you carry on your back.  Knowing that you carry everything you will need to survive… it’s humbling and exhilarating. It is difficult to quiet your mind look into yourself when you have all of the troubles of “everyday life” on your mind.

To fully be able to absorb the skills and information from the classes, I think it would be best to learn and perform them where there are best suited.  After all, they say that practice makes perfect.

So, what is it that I envision taking away from one of these classes.  Well, I guess it depends on what skills are the main focus of the class.  Is it fire starting, or wild edibles, shelter building or finding potable water?  Is it hunting, making of the tools required to hunt, or the processing of the spoils of the hunt?

I guess the biggest idea that will be taken away from all of the classes is confidence.  With confidence, you can keep your head.  Keeping your head can keep you alive.


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