Spending your time

In this day and age, it is difficult to spend quality time with those you love.  Even when you are in the same place, spending time WITH them, instead of being there, but being occupied with work, or other distractions.

We need to be reminded why we live.  Just being the breadwinner or just taking care of things around the house is only part of it.  We humans are social creatures.  It is nature to want to feel love, to interact, to have an influence.  Why has our society deemed it necessary to ignore or even refuse these natural feelings?

You can learn a lot about the people you care about by listening.  Listen to them talk about their day, listen to them if they have a question, listen to them when they give advise.  I am sure many of you are the same way I am, trying to complete the sentence for the person… it is also one of my biggest pet peeves.  Not sure why many of the things that are like finger nails on a chalk board, I end up doing myself.

The time is something that we have a finite amount of.  Think about it; tick, tick, tick, those three seconds are now gone, you can’t get them back.  Are you going to spend your time arguing, fighting, or not talking?  Share it with your loved ones.  Show them that you care.  Because, the time that you spend with them is time well spent, time shared with them is an investment that will continue to grow.  Don’t go through life expecting to make time, make the time, you will be happier.  If you aren’t living to be happy… what are you living for?

“You are your most precious commodity, along with those you spend your life. Time is how you spend that commodity. Don’t let anyone spend it for you.”    – yrone


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