Spring time, have you started your garden?

Living in Southern California, my garden never really takes any time off.  It just transitions from crop to crop.  This past winter was a little slower then I would have liked, but I did have two generations of lettuce, the broccoli made it through from last winter and one or two of the bell peppers appear to still be alive.  This years load of compost hasn’t made into the beds yet, gonna wait for the cilantro to bolt (if I can, we have had some cool nights… the stuff just keeps on chuggin), the cilantro is from last summer’s seeds that I just put under some soil. I have some beets that have set and are doing well, carrots… well… I think out of two sq ft I planted, I have about three (carrots) that will make it.  Oh, can’t forget the garlic, shallots and the honeydew for my sweetie.

I will be doing sugar snap peas, my sweetie really likes them.  Some green beans as well, maybe more then I had last year ~ 4 sp ft.  I hope to get a better turn out from the tomatoes, as last years beds had virgin soil, no structure to it for the critters that create a healthy environment.  I found out that the black hungarian peppers I had grown two years ago are an endangered species, I will be trying to get two or three of those going.  A jalapeno or two and some more bell peppers.  I will put forward more of an effort to grow some herbs for cooking as well as medicinal.  Never had a whole lot of luck with herbs here.

Oh!!! I certainly can’t forget that I ordered some hop rhizomes this year.  Hopefully they will start off well and be ready to produce a decent crop for next year.  I choose two of the variety Centennial and two Northern Brewer.  Any home brewers will recognize these two.  Centennial is a hop variety that Stone Brewery uses in some of their beers, and one that I used in my outstanding IPA this past year.  Northern Brewer is the variety used solely in Anchor Steam (one of my personal favorites).

All of this in addition to the blood orange, kumquat, apple, and mandarin… oh… and a grapefruit… not for me… in their first years, the apple and kumquat have already produced and are on their second round.

So, get out there.  Take control over one small part of your life.  Food you produce is yours, you don’t have to drive to get it, your don’t have to spend the fuel to get it.  You know where it came from… and… maybe I just make myself believe it, but it tastes sooooo much better then the stuff from the store, that was grown in Chile or Mexico.

What do you have planned?  If you haven’t started, have you looked at the price of produce in the markets?  The extra time spent in the garden is good for the soul, the mind, and body.  An extra 5-10 minutes a day or, if you put in a timer and drip system (something that I have on my to do list this year) It only takes a couple of minutes and it allows you to extend what you have.  It adds to your freedom and liberty.  Take the step toward self sufficiency, you will thank yourself.


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