“What’s more important then survival?”

A friend of mine posted a thread on The Survival Podcast forum; with the title above “What’s more important then survival?”

This post really got me thinking… what exactly is it that I would do to break the number one rule of survival, “Wake up tomorrow breathing”

The story of Dainty is an interesting one.  You see, she has a physical condition that sometimes prevents her from being able to get up, or to even feed herself.  So when I read this thread, it really had something being it.  To tell the truth I do not know a whole more about her, other then that we share a similar mind set.  One of the great things about good people… they tend to attract other good people.  Thanks for the inspiration Dainty!

So, back to the question.  What is it that you would do that is more important then survival?  As is stated in the thread, there are several scenarios, many of which we don’t think about for fear of the topic or because thinking about ones own mortality is… unnatural.  If all of you family were to die, would you be able to “carry on”.  If you were in a situation where no food was available, would you resort to cannibalism or would you rather die of starvation?  If it meant that your family would be able to live, would you stand in the way of certain death (roving hoard of zombies) so that your they might have a chance to get away.  There are also many variables to consider with each example above.

If it wasn’t you “family” that was in danger, if it was your neighbor, or a just a friend, what then.  How much value do you put on your own life versus another’s?

In truth, I really do not know what I would do to break the number one rule of survival.  I tend to over analyze things.  Let’s just use the “face certain death to provide a safe escape for your family”  Once the situation passes, you are no longer among the living… how is your family going to do without your help, love, support?  Will they then be faced with one of the other scenarios?

I think the ultimate goal here is to contemplate all possible scenarios, so that when a situation arises you can act and won’t have to stop to think about what you will need to do.  Hopefully, you will just react and then the decision on who will survival won’t have to be made… you all can.


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