Personal liberty

Today’s topic is something that I have become quite passionate about, over the past two order three years.  I have always known that personal liberty was important, but never really grasped what it was.  What is it?  Can we grab it?  Can it be given?  I believe it can be taken away, though it is not something like a wine, that can be poured or consumed.  I believe that the United States Constitution is the one document, written by man, that comes closest to separating and nailing down what and who can have personal liberty.  No other governing document has given each human the level of control over their own lives.

What is personal liberty?  It is the freedom for me to do as I see fit.  Simple acts, such as planting a flower bed, painting a house, carrying a loaded firearm on my person, or growing my own produce.  Not having the city, county, state or federal government tell me that I can’t do something because someone, somewhere, could not act like an adult and has “justified” the taking away of my liberty.  It has been said that you have the right to swing your fists as hard and as wildly as you like.  You can make yourself dizzy swinging around and around.  Where that right ends is when your fist makes contact with my nose.

This idea of personal liberty is not a new one.  It was been around since the beginning of mankind.  Though it is as old as humans, it has not always been available to all (and yes, I do believe that there is a line that must be drawn in the sand, but we will leave that discussion for another day) As is stated in the Constitution, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain inalienable rights, that they are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Humans are not perfect and can “take back” laws and ideas.  What i given to us and humans, not just a citizens of the United States, cannot be taken away.  Unfortunately, there i only one governing document on this planet that actually states this, and allows it.

What is it that compels a person to insist that what another does must be done a certain way, or not done at all?  Why is it ok for you to determine what is right, while I do not have the ability to determine that for myself?

One of the greatest features of personal liberty, is that it is not given, it “should” not be taken away.  I say “should” because it is the truth.  Liberty is personal, it is not given by any human or group of humans. It is “God given”.  Whether your God is the father of Jesus Christ, Allah, or many gods, personal liberty comes from somewhere other then this earth.

The one caveat is that this liberty and freedom comes with a cost.  We must always fight for it.  We must always remember where our responsibilities are.  Once we start forgetting that our freedoms are dependent on us recognizing them, they start to fade and will be taken away.  Recognize your freedoms, hold onto them, and do not ever let go.

We all have it, we just all need to realize it… I will leave you with a quote from Ronald Regan, “freedom is never more then one generation away from extinction.”


3 thoughts on “Personal liberty

  1. Dainty says:

    What about those dependant on the assistance of others?

    The generally assumed “proper” take on it is that they should be assisted however is needed so that they, too, may enjoy personal liberty.

    If it’s a paid caregiver, or one assigned by the government, then they have an ethical responsibility to be objective because it’s a job they’re being paid to do. Job discription is pretty much as stated above. However when it’s a family member or a friend, they also have some say in the matter because they’re willingly donating their time and effort. What if they don’t *want* to use a certain cleaner that the disabled person loves the smell of? What if they choose curtains that are easier to wash instead of the prettiest ones? What if they don’t believe in ironing pajamas??? 😮 Is it within their rights to deny the disabled person this “freedom”?

    Personally, I think not, especially when the person has the option of getting someone to work professionally in that capacity.

    Just trying to throw a monkey wrench in there for ya. 😉

    • Point received, my main point is still that the government should not be dictating what our freedoms are… the Constitution does that. You do bring up an interesting point though, and one that I will admit is not always a “popular one’ It is difficult for many people to deal with their own mortality, as well as other’s mortality.

  2. loosenut behindthewheel says:

    6 June 1984, commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. One of my favorite Reagan speeches

    The principles upon which the Document laid the framework for are being chipped away at, and have been since long before our parents were born. Eventually, the once-impenetrable armor of pride in one’s country is slowly compromised; not unlike the slow erosion of personal liberties entitled to us by the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. The Document was drafted to insure those rights and liberties are OURS BY BIRTH and are NOT for the taking. What happened? Simple question, very complex answer. I ask myself that question every day, and I still cannot nail it down.

    Its taken us over a century to get this far off course, and if a course correction is even possible, I believe it will once again be by divine Providence. We’ve screwed it up so bad, only God can get us out of this mess.

    Thanks for invoking Ronald Reagan. Very few true patriots have held that office; listening to that speech once again gives me hope. Hope that tomorrow may look brighter than today, hope that those who paid the ultimate price for our personal liberties didn’t do so in vain, hope that there may yet be a future for our Republic. At this point, all I can do is drop to my knees and pray

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