Importance of customer service

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of going to a retail store and receiving terrible customer service?  Guess what happened to me today… grrrrrrr

So, my phone is over three years old and about ready to give up the fight.  I have an iPhone, so I head over to the AT&T store to get a new version.  (This is not part of my rant)  The salesman is helpful, greets me as I walk into the store.  He takes my information, then starts the process of getting my new phone.  After about 10 minutes, the salesman returns to inform me that his location does not have the phone I want in stock.  No big deal, he says that their sister store down the street has one in stock, he had spoken with the manager there.  Cool… I will shoot on down the street, get the paperwork started and get my new phone…

Yeah… right.  I walk into the other store.  There are three employees, one I assume is the manager.  All… well two of them are helping customers, the third… seems really intent on staring at the computer screen while one of the others helps a customer.  Not one of them bothers to acknowledge that someone just walked into their store.  I stand there and wait for almost 10 minutes… not even eye contact from any of the employees.  I have had a ruff day, I don’t want to stand here and be ignored.  Screw it… I’m out, I do not want to spend my money and give commission to these knuckleheads.

How difficult is it to say “sorry for the wait” or “we will be with you in just a minute” or… “hi”… SOMETHING…So this is what I get for working in customer service/retail for over 10 years…. the expectation that these people actually cared about their customers as much as I did and continue to.  In this day with people being laid off and or out of work… this is the best that AT&T could come up with?

The city and urban centers are really starting to grate on me.  It’s about time to start thinking about a stay-cation.  Or… as Aerosmith stated… a “Permanent Vacation”


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