Customer service part 2

When someone does something right I feel that I need to mention it.

I had purchased an Excaliber dehydrator for my mom for Christmas.  After only a couple of uses, the fan motor died.  So I called them up today to discuss a replacement for the motor.  It isn’t a big motor or fan, but it is only three months old.  The cage that covers the fan and heating element in the back of the unit, had been pushed up against the fan blade, which prohibited it turning, and with the heating element surrounding the fan, cooked the little motor.  I can easily create a fix once I get the replacement motor.

The customer service rep who took my phone call was nice and professional.  I explained my situation, she said “no problem, send me a copy of the invoice, a brief description of the problem, and what will be required to fix it, and I will have the parts sent out to you right away”… wow… if you read yesterday’s rant about the poor service I received from AT&T, you will understand the breath of fresh air this was.

Once again, kudos to Excaliber!


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