Benefits of reflexology and/or a nice massage

Over the weekend my sweetie and I took a trip over to one of the local massage parlors. She had taken her father there during the week and he said it was quite a deal.

So, on Saturday we headed on over to see if it was a good as he said it was. $20.00 per person for an hour, full body massage. We both look at each other and think, is that it? Could this really be that good? Does $20.00 buy you a quality hour’s massage? Turns out, yes, it does.

The place kind of reminds you of a Vietnamese sweat shop… or maybe a house of ill repute…. to be honest, with the low, ambient music playing and a dark interior… I wasn’t sure what we were walking into.

They had us sit down on little padded foot stools in a dark room with a couple other people, there were two flat screens on the walls, with images of coral reefs and the fish of all the colors of the rainbow. Quite relaxing to say the least. They then bring out two little half barrels with warn water in them for our feet, nice start. The masseuse starts on my shoulders and neck… yup, this guy is good. From that point, he has me lay down on this couch and he starts in on my back and shoulders, then on to my head and neck and finally down to my legs and feet. All the way hitting the pressure points and working the circulation.

I haven’t felt that good in quite some time. I don’t think it is something that will become a weekly occurrence, but we definitely will be returning. I realized that I had not taken time to spoil myself in quite some time. If you have not, or it has been a while… do yourself the favor, go get a massage or go to a place where you can shut your brain off, if only for an hour, you will thank yourself later.


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