I’m still alive!!! Status update

So, after many a weeks away from all of you fine folks out there in the “internet”, I have returned.  Yes, I am still alive.  I know many of you were wondering if the crazy man with many things on his brain still had all things on said brain.  Truth  be told, life has gotten in the way.  Work has been doing it’s best to put me in the ground, early.  We are going to be moving in about a month, into our first house… woohoo!… Heck, I haven’t been to Yoga class in over three months (except for last night), which almost put me in the ground.  All in all, I have been working on my skills (namely my brewing) and getting life back into perspective and order.

Some not so (maybe so) current events…

I won first place in the Belgian Strong category for my Belgian Tripel, at the first annual OC Fest of Ales (I know what you are thinking, yes there were at least three entries in the category) I am very excited as this is the first competition that I have entered.

Been working 10-11 hour days, and a Saturday for good measure, been short handed.  The pay is good, but the hours are starting to wear on me.

Getting prepared for the “Learn to Homebrew Day” celebration and brewing demo out at a friend’s shop, CalWest Hydroponics and Homebrew  This is going to be quite an event!  10-15 different homebrew demonstrations.  Several local commercial beer offerings in the beer garden and a few local bands will be performing throughout the day as well.  There will be food to go along with all the festivities, at least two grills will be firing up tasty morsels for your enjoyment.  If you care to see how the hobby of homebrew works, or just enjoy heading to new places to try new things, come on down and say hi!

So, that was my info-mercial, hope you can stop by…

It’s good to be back, I have looked at my blog several times, and promised that I would be back to say hello to all of you again.  I finally said “screw it”… if I don’t make time, I will continue to put it off, and you would never hear from me again.  Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate the time that you have taken to stop by and have a look into my world.

Till next time…. Cheers!