Taking the road less traveled

As you know I was away on vacation last week.  Took the girlfriend and her father to our secret spot out in the desert.  Hot springs, 50 miles of dirt road to get there, 120 miles from the nearest gas… heaven.  Heading out to our spot puts life and taking chances into perspective for me.  Packing up the truck and driving away from civilization for five days, without the general ability to get in touch with the outside world, can give you pause.

This magical place was introduced to me last spring, when my girlfriend said “I’m going to take you out to this wonderful place, we will probably need chains (last year had record snow fall), and we may get stuck, but it is the most beautiful place on earth”.  I thought, this sounds like it will be fun.  I have been camping, but never this far removed from a town or civilization.  Hey, it will give me the opportunity to get my truck dirty, who doesn’t like to get their truck dirty now and then?

Well, last year was one of those trips that you will remember for the rest of your life.  I got to see places and the beauty of this earth that few will have the chance to see.  Drove on a road that had not seen the tires of a truck since the previous fall.  Two to three feet of snow in one of the most remote places in California, with enough gets to get out on the specific road, but not enough to turn around if something should happen.  Yeah, I was close to producing diamonds from coal…  After having driven through and survived, I have a new perspective on heading out into the “wild blue yonder”.

Back country camping, whether it be 4×4 or hiking is a way for you and me to commune with this wonderful planet we live on.  This, third rock from the sun.  I challenge you.  I challenge you to set up a vacation, where you pack what you will need for a week, and head out with now “official” destination.  Head in a direct, take the road less traveled.  The people you will meet out there, can and probably will change your life.  It is human spirit to explore.  Take a firm grip on life, go out and live it.  You could surprise yourself, or those who share the experience with you.