Catch up week with Bikram

This week is going to be a catch up week.  After taking as much time off as I did, I have to work in an extra class.  Tonight’s class was unbelievable better then Monday’s.  Monday, I thought that I just might not make it through the class.  My head was pounding, I had to kneel out of a couple of posses.  To say the least it was a bit frustrating.

Tonight’s class was almost 1,000 times better.  It was quite 1,000 times better because my balance seemed like it just didn’t want to hang around very long.  I didn’t have any dizzy moments tonight, which was much appreciated.  Not sure who is responsible for the clarity tonight, but I thank them for it. My flexibility seemed to take a step forward off of the plateau I had been on, except for my left knee.  the left knee, always late to the party.

All of this adds up to a class that passed by rather quickly.  In order to keep this up, I am going to head back for a third class this week.  This, I believe, will be the first week I have gone to three classes.  Hopefully Friday will be better then today!