Heading out for some R and R this weekend

Packing the girlfriend up, with some supplies and heading out to the desert this weekend. Just an overnighter. Would love to spend more time out there, but don’t have everything ready yet, and I really don’t want to have to deal with setting up the tent in the dark. Will get some sleep tonight and head out in the AM. Gonna take some of the loud toys, have a couple drills that I would like to run through. And I finally got the reloading presses up and running.

Got the California Common racked into secondary, where it will be for the next two weeks. Still getting the hang of the all grain system… my efficiency is through the roof, attenuation is above average too (this may be because of a lower mash temp, will check it out on the next batch). I think I will get the Cabernet Sauvignon kit mixed up and started next week.

Been a busy week. Only made it to yoga once. A bit bummed about that. Will have to go at least three times next week. Only road the bike to work once, it was raining off and all a good part of the week. *sigh*

And now… off to make dinner. Have a great weekend!

Oh, almost forgot, picked up a new book by Tom Brown “Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Nature Observations and Tracking” Going to be reading through will out in the desert.


Heading out for a weekend

Grabbing a couple of friends and my girlfriend and heading out to the desert spot next weekend.  This may be the last opportunity before the heat decides to show up and makes it unbearable out there.  With the changes that have gone on at work, it will be nice to get away for a couple of days.  Been camping at this spot for close to 28 years.  It has become that sort of spot that is like an old friend, that you just know so well and it feels right in their presence.

I imagine this will be a fairly usual trip.  Pack up the tent, the “camping box” (I’ll do a write up on that build in a future episode), the band sticks, a cooler of home brew… and my new “Bushman” by Cold Steel.  Also taking along a new book; Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking.  Note sure how much I will be able to use this out in the Mojave, but we will certainly give it a good whirl.  Might be able to dig up some wild edibles or lord knows what else.

Will have the usual camp fire, might even break out the didgeridoo on this trip.  The only real expectation is relaxation.

Doubling preps as camping gear

I was thinking today about the trip last week, and how much of my food preps are the same as what we normally take with on camping trips. It also makes packing food for trips easy, with little to no special trips to the grocery store before a trip.

We made a loaf of bread from wheat we have stored, easy and tastes sooooo much better then the store bought stuff. Pasta dishes are easy. I generally buy the 10 lbs pack from Costco (8 individually packaged spaghetti packages) We do make a penne pasta dish with Asiago, Parmesan, and mozzarella. I know the mozzarella isn’t a storable cheese, but what the hell… it is really good in this dish.

This is also a good time to try some new options. You can try a new brand or manufacturer of canned food or ingredient. Look up recipes online that you might not normally consider. You may spice up a trip and create a memory that will last for a lifetime.

Taking the road less traveled

As you know I was away on vacation last week.  Took the girlfriend and her father to our secret spot out in the desert.  Hot springs, 50 miles of dirt road to get there, 120 miles from the nearest gas… heaven.  Heading out to our spot puts life and taking chances into perspective for me.  Packing up the truck and driving away from civilization for five days, without the general ability to get in touch with the outside world, can give you pause.

This magical place was introduced to me last spring, when my girlfriend said “I’m going to take you out to this wonderful place, we will probably need chains (last year had record snow fall), and we may get stuck, but it is the most beautiful place on earth”.  I thought, this sounds like it will be fun.  I have been camping, but never this far removed from a town or civilization.  Hey, it will give me the opportunity to get my truck dirty, who doesn’t like to get their truck dirty now and then?

Well, last year was one of those trips that you will remember for the rest of your life.  I got to see places and the beauty of this earth that few will have the chance to see.  Drove on a road that had not seen the tires of a truck since the previous fall.  Two to three feet of snow in one of the most remote places in California, with enough gets to get out on the specific road, but not enough to turn around if something should happen.  Yeah, I was close to producing diamonds from coal…  After having driven through and survived, I have a new perspective on heading out into the “wild blue yonder”.

Back country camping, whether it be 4×4 or hiking is a way for you and me to commune with this wonderful planet we live on.  This, third rock from the sun.  I challenge you.  I challenge you to set up a vacation, where you pack what you will need for a week, and head out with now “official” destination.  Head in a direct, take the road less traveled.  The people you will meet out there, can and probably will change your life.  It is human spirit to explore.  Take a firm grip on life, go out and live it.  You could surprise yourself, or those who share the experience with you.