Love of an animal

I grew up with a wonderful golden retriever.  I live with a loveable fur ball of a cat.  I’d have a dog now, but don’t have the space for one where I currently live.  Either way, the love that you get from our furry friends is amazing.  Whether a dog or cat, I imagine there are some other options out there, but for today… dogs and cats, they will love you.

They each have their advantages and… well… not sure if there are any real disadvantages.  Cats tend to be on the prima donnas, but that’s ok.  This one, who is purrrrrrring away in my lap at the moment, is by far the most intelligent feline I have ever met.  You can see it in her eyes.  There is a brain in there, starring back at me.  Even when she brings us presents… the occasional mouse… it just shows that she cares.

Dogs, mmmm, yes dogs.  “Man’s best friend”.  Don’t tell the cat, but I prefer dogs.  They would wrap their tongues around their heads if you give them an ounce of love.  I believe that dogs have a better sense of humans then cats do.  If you are feeling down or not well, they more often then not will come up to you and rest their head on your leg or foot and stare up at you with those eyes… you just can’t help but smile back at them.  I have heard it said that dogs can smile… or some form of it.  I believe this is true.  They spends their lives with humans, they are bound to pick up some of our intricacies.

All it takes is that one look, or the need for them to be close to you, for you to realize how special our four legged friends are.