Items I carry everyday

As someone at work today asked for something to open a box with, and without thinking about it, I had my pocket knife in hand and open, flipped around and was extending it to them.  The look on their face was priceless, at first, until they connected in their brain who was handing the knife to them.  You see, I have come to be known to be prepared for just about everything.  I carry a flashlight and a knife that I carry with me everywhere.  I live in the state of California, so a concealed firearm is pretty much out of the question.  For those who would criticize about the firearm… I like the quote, “I don’t carry a firearm because I feel inadequate, I carry a firearm because against 3 or more thugs, I am inadequate.”

Other items that are either in my pack, when I ride the bike to work include extra batteries for the flashlight, a Leatherman multi-tool, a couple of feet of duct tape, a bottle or two of water, extra tubes and a CO2 tire inflator, I also carry some extra cash.  In the bag in the truck, there is some long term storage type food… roughly enough for two or three days, some water and a Powerade.  I have an extra flashlight, knife and fire starting stuff in the bag.  I have some emergency “space” blankets too as well as two extra pairs of clothes.  I have a first aid kit, with a splint.  The truck also has jumper cables, a 12v air pump and a work bag of tools, some zip ties, a roll of duct tape, and two rolls of TP.

Things that I should add and will soon to the truck; a small handheld battery powered radio, fire extinguisher, and a new “portable just starter” battery pack (the old one is over 10 years old and doesn’t have the juice to jump start vehicles anymore).  I need to get a couple extra tubes of Super Glue for all of the bags, too.

That about covers it.  Remember, it is always best to have something and not need it, then it is to need it and not have it.