Garden update

I went out into the garden this afternoon after work to water and check on everything… lo and behold one of my Centennial hops has poked his head up through the soil and is aiming skyward!  I was so excited, I started hopping up and down… the cat looked at me like I was strange…

I really don’t expect a whole lot from them this year, as hops tend not to produce much in their first year, other then roots.  Once the roots are established, in the second year, then you are supposed to get a decent harvest.  I have a couple of perennials; blood orange, kumquat, apple, mandarin, grapefruit, and chardonnay grape… all of them seemed to want to rush and produce in their first year.  Maybe, just maybe, I can get some hops that will be usable to brew this next fall.  *crosses fingers*

Other then the hops, my green beans are all starting to set their primary leaves… all plants are about 4 inches tall.  The strawberries are coming along nicely.  The arugula has bolted, so now I am waiting for the seed pods to dry out.  The beets are rockin’, the carrots are doing so-so… most seem to be stunted… weird.  Cilantro/coriander is getting ready to bolt… I will definitely be saving some of the seed to through into some Belgian beers this year.  Lettuce is still in massive production mode.  Two of the sweet pepper plants that made it through the winter are starting to form flower buds.  I also have some onions and shallots all above ground rockin’.

Not too bad for two 4×4 raised beds and a couple of pots.  I do hope to get more herbs going, some for cooking and some for brewing, will see how that turns out.

Do you have anything growing in your back/front yards?  If so, whatcha got goin?