The human form

After attending my first ballet this pat Saturday, I was reminded of how much I love the human form.  I marvel at the human specimen, or rather a well trained body. The result of hard work, perseverance, and repetition.  I have huge respect and appreciation for those who have mastered their bodies and their trade.

Professional ballet dancers have spent most of their lives working their art form, sculpting it, shaping it, perfecting it.  The grace and fluidity and ease of movement of these athletes is awesome.  The amount of concentration that comes so naturally, so easily, is nothing short of beautiful.  When you have an artist who loves what they do, doing what they do, the beauty of it can take your breath.

I think this is another reason why I have enjoyed watching sports, or Cirque du Soleil and the performers who share their mastery of the human form with those who will watch.  A football game is a choreographed dance between 22 participants.

Another form of this is the choreographer, or the coach, or the teacher.  The teacher in his or her own way is a master of their craft.  Utilizing the pieces at their disposal to bring about the greatest potential or desired outcome.  It has been said that you cannot truly know a skill or ability until you have taught it.  I believe this to be true.  Once you take the step of teaching, you see your craft from outside yourself.  You can truly know all aspects of your form.

Teach life.  Master life.  Live life.