The consequence of life

Watching the first episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  Commander Sisko travels into a wormhole and an entity takes him to try to figure out humans.  The Cardacians (spelling) try to take over Deep Space Nine and the drama ensues.  The underlying message is that we as humans hold onto emotions and theories that do not match our “linear” life.  We as a species have an odd way of doing things that aren’t “logical”

One thing we often fail to acknowledge or conceive are the consequences of our actions, or in some cases our inaction.  Everyday we handle an unknown number of decisions, each having it’s own consequence.  Some good, some bad.  Our motivations to do whatever it is that we do are driven by these consequences.  In the episode of DS9, Sisko needs to come to grips with the fact that living in the past, or better not letting go of the past, will limit his ability to progress into the future.  In this example, emotional inaction is the limiting factor.

Fear of what could happen if the economy takes a dive or you lose a job or lose a loved one that keeps you from preparing for these events also has a consequence.  These are all possibilities that we do not have much, if any, control over.  But, just because we refuse to acknowledge them, does not mean that they can’t happen.  “Should we live in a plastic bubble?” some may ask.  “Why should I take precautions”… Once again… two extremes… neither is a right or wrong answer.  One of the great things about life is we get to make the choices… AND we will live with the consequences of those choices.

For your sake, for your family’s, your neighbors, or for all in your country, take on responsibility for your actions and consequences. Owning them will give you an amazing power.  A power that can save each and every one of us.  Why should you? Because…. it will be infectious. Freedom always is.