Take a load off

One thing I try to do just about every day is to sit and relax, clear my mind of the day’s troubles and reflect.  I believe that our culture has bread all of us to think that we must constantly rush, add more stuff, complete one more task or not stop for just one minute.  If you mention to a co-worker that you sat out on your porch and listened to the birds, or watched the clouds go by, or… sipped a glass of wine, whatever… they would look at you like and think or say “are you getting into that hippy meditation crap?”

In our grandfather’s and great grandfather’s day they often times would sit and relax.  Partially because at the end of the day… there was no smart phone or tablet, or TV… heck, many didn’t have electricity in the house.  Work stayed at work.  When you left work, you went home.  Maybe you grabbed a couple fishin’ poles and the kids and went down to the lake.  You decompressed.

Why do we insist on rushing?  Take the time with loved ones.  Enjoy their company, enjoy life.  We only get one, each day that goes by can’t be taken back.

For your own health, for your sanity, for those you care about, take time to decompress.

Relaxation can even be the cat sitting in your lap purrrrrrrrring away.