Heading out for a weekend

Grabbing a couple of friends and my girlfriend and heading out to the desert spot next weekend.  This may be the last opportunity before the heat decides to show up and makes it unbearable out there.  With the changes that have gone on at work, it will be nice to get away for a couple of days.  Been camping at this spot for close to 28 years.  It has become that sort of spot that is like an old friend, that you just know so well and it feels right in their presence.

I imagine this will be a fairly usual trip.  Pack up the tent, the “camping box” (I’ll do a write up on that build in a future episode), the band sticks, a cooler of home brew… and my new “Bushman” by Cold Steel.  Also taking along a new book; Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking.  Note sure how much I will be able to use this out in the Mojave, but we will certainly give it a good whirl.  Might be able to dig up some wild edibles or lord knows what else.

Will have the usual camp fire, might even break out the didgeridoo on this trip.  The only real expectation is relaxation.