Heading out for some R and R this weekend

Packing the girlfriend up, with some supplies and heading out to the desert this weekend. Just an overnighter. Would love to spend more time out there, but don’t have everything ready yet, and I really don’t want to have to deal with setting up the tent in the dark. Will get some sleep tonight and head out in the AM. Gonna take some of the loud toys, have a couple drills that I would like to run through. And I finally got the reloading presses up and running.

Got the California Common racked into secondary, where it will be for the next two weeks. Still getting the hang of the all grain system… my efficiency is through the roof, attenuation is above average too (this may be because of a lower mash temp, will check it out on the next batch). I think I will get the Cabernet Sauvignon kit mixed up and started next week.

Been a busy week. Only made it to yoga once. A bit bummed about that. Will have to go at least three times next week. Only road the bike to work once, it was raining off and all a good part of the week. *sigh*

And now… off to make dinner. Have a great weekend!

Oh, almost forgot, picked up a new book by Tom Brown “Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Nature Observations and Tracking” Going to be reading through will out in the desert.