Homemade salsa fresca

Today I am doing a request.  My sweetie asked me what was required to make salsa (she asked while at the grocery store).  Since I am going to be making some, I thought I would share with y’all my recipe for salsa fresca.

Now, I have never been one to follow a recipe, and I encourage you to take this and make it your own, add some of this or a pinch of that.  I have always had problems measuring to match a recipe.  I eyeball most of the time or just throw a dash in.  I guess after a while, you start to get a feel for what a teaspoon is and how much a tablespoon is.

First off, you need fresh veggies.  Of course, I start with tomatoes.  I like paste tomatoes, generally Romas, but any tomato will do.  I chop them into pieces roughly 1/4″ squares (the secret of chefs is to cut just about everything the same size).  Paste style tomatoes have more flesh then juice and or space inside, the reason they are better for this salsa.

Next, I will chop up a red onion.  I will cut it length wise and then in half (or quarter). Then, without cutting through the narrowest part, slice through down the middle, then about a quarter inch to each side of the previous cut, and so on until I reach the outside, each time rotating the blade along the radius of the onion so that each slice looks like the spokes of a wheel from the thick end.  I then cut crosswise from the thick side 1/4″ from the side and so on until I reach the narrow end.  You end up with 1/4″ chopped onion… if not… no worries, this is all going to go into the bowl and the flavors will mix.  I will next cut up some green onion, roughly chopped is fine, and throw it into the box.

After this I will mince up a couple of cloves of garlic, the jalapenos and serranos (you can de-seed if you prefer the salsa less spicy).  I use three jalapenos and two serranos with seeds from one of each.  Then I chop up cilantro and toss it in.  Finally I will throw in some salt (to taste). I think the salsa “marinates” better with a little more salt.  Finally I slice a lime or two… or three, depending on how much you are making and squeeze the juice in.

In the past I have used fresh thyme or some oregano.  You can use what you may have in your own herb garden.  If you like a little “southwest” flavor, you can throw in a half can of sweet corn, or chop up and mango and throw that in.

I have found that the salsa is best the day after you make it.  All of the flavors have a chance to blend and get extracted from all of the ingredient.